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If you have experienced a close call, aggressive driver behavior, hazardous condition or incident such as a loose dog, there are two city resources for reporting this information to the City of Huntsville.


The See and Be Seen Report Form allows you to report time, place, description and nature of the incident, including photographs or video. The report tool issues a report number to you when you complete the report. If the incident rises to the level of requiring investigation by Huntsville Police Department, include the report number and any video or photographs with the initial incident report. The incident information is visible to a number of City Departments, including Traffic Engineering, Planning and HPD.


The Huntsville Police Department non-emergency number, (256) 722-7100, is how to file an incident report with HPD if you think an actionable violation by a motorist requires a complaint and follow-up. You can file a complaint over the telephone, or you can go in-person to any of the three HPD city precincts to file an incident report. The report will be given to an officer to investigate. Salient details such as license plate numbers, make/models and color of car and a description of the driver are important and need to be included in the report. If you have uploaded the incident information to the See and Be Seen Incident report form, you should include the report number issued to you by the tool when the report was submitted. Huntsville Police Department can refer to that report for photographs, video, GIS position and other information to assist investigating your complaint.

General Maintenance, Road Hazards, Potholes, Debris, Visibility Issues, Signalization Issues or Street Sweeping:

For maintenance, upkeep, road hazard and general engineering or public works issues, make an online request through the SeeClickFix site.  These requests are referred directly to the responsible department within the city.  You will be notified of placement of the request and whether or not is is closed.  

Loose Dogs/Animal Complaints:

Huntsville Animal Services - 256-883-3788 or fill out an Animal Complaint Form.  After hours, contact HPD - 256-722-7100.

Madison County Animal Control - 256-532-1519 or 256-532-1651.




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