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SCCC Annual Community Grant Program

Purpose: To provide money or an item to promote or develop bicycling for sport, fitness, recreation, transportation, or safety education in the local north Alabama area.

Timeframe: Annual. Grant applications reviewed and nominated in the 2nd quarter of the year. Grant funds are awarded during the month of December.

Funding limit: TBD by officers each year. One, none, or more grants may be awarded each year. Who runs the program: Because the duties required to run this program are over and above those of the SCCC officers (other than deciding the money to be spent each year), a committee will be appointed by the officers.

Duties for committee members: Advertise the program, Review all requests, Recommend grants, Suggest funding level each year, and Arrange for publicity about the awards. Officers set funding limit annually based on fiscal health of the treasury. [SCCC Constitution Article III, Section 4. The officers may designate any special committee subject to the control and direction of the officers. Committees shall have only the powers delegated to them by the officers.]

Criteria for Requests:

  1. Requests must be made by SCCC members in good standing.
  2. Requests can be submitted at any time in writing to the SCCC Community Grant committee. Each year, requests will be considered by the committee.
  3. Requests must be in writing and contain:
    • Name of organization or person
    • Type of organization
    • Number of people serving
    • Description of how the award will be used to promote or develop bicycling for sport, fitness, recreation, transportation, safety or education
  4. Requests will be for persons, organizations, or implementation of projects primarily in the north Alabama area.
  5. Requests will be evaluated by the committee based on need, impact to as many persons as possible, and other criteria as the committee deems important.



Why does the SCCC do this?

Our grant program helps to garner community goodwill, increase membership, improve the image of cycling to the general [driving] public. To support our grant program each year SCCC hosts the All You Can Eat Century ride. Proceeds benefit non-profit and educational organizations in north Alabama. Past recipients have included Serving Hope Inc., Huntsville Urban Bicycle Coop, and the Alabama Bicycle Coalition.