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 Spring City Cycling Club
Springcity Cycling Club
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Grace Ragland, President/Co-Founder


Grace started biking as a form of transportation as a young girl and around her college’s campus.  After college, she moved to Huntsville, AL where she found the Spring City Cycle Club.  Her first ride with them was a 15 mile ride.  She remembers that she had a book rack on the back of her bike (grrrrr!), but Rob Glover stayed with her and encouraged her the entire ride!   After the ride was over she ate an entire medium size pizza.  15 miles was like riding around the world!  Now, she lists the RCCB Mama Llama, Mama Jama, and Friday morning rides among her favorites around town.  Grace would love to see the Belles continue to encourage ladies of all bike genres to Ride Bikes and Smile, all while encouraging each other no matter what type of cycling they choose!  Also, she would like to see another successful Street Smart Class take place.